Does Electrolysis Work on Grey Hairs? A Big Yes!

If you’re like most people, you probably started going grey in your early to mid-thirties. While some folks embrace their silver strands, others do everything they can to cover them up. Suppose you’re one of the latter group. In that case, you may wonder does electrolysis work on grey hairs. To make it clear and concise, the answer is yes, electrolysis works on grey hair.

But this post will make it more transparent and answer your every query about electrolysis.

What is electrolysis, and how does it work?

Before diving into how electrolysis works on grey hair, let’s first take a quick look at what it is and how it works.

Electrolysis is a hair removal method that uses an electric current to destroy the hair follicle. A dermabrasion specialist will insert a small, thin needle into the hair follicle during this process.

Once the needle is in place, a modest electric current is passed through the needle, damaging the hair follicle.

Does Electrolysis Work on Grey Hairs?

Now that we know a little bit more about how electrolysis works, let’s answer the question: “Does Electrolysis Work on Grey Hairs.”

The answer is yes, it works perfectly on grey hairs.

Electrolysis is a process in which your hair follicles break down, which then removes your grey hairs. However, it’s important to note that not all grey hairs are identical. There are two main types of grey hair: vellus hair and terminal hair.

Vellus hair is the type of grey hair often seen in people genetically predisposed to early onset hair loss. This type of grey hair is usually skinny and delicate and does not respond well to electrolysis.

Terminal hair is another type of grey hair that can grow due to various factors, including aging, stress, and illness. This type of hair is usually thicker and coarser than vellus hair and responds well to electrolysis.

What to expect during the electrolysis process?

Suppose you’ve decided to go ahead with electrolysis. In that case, you should know a few things about what to expect during the process.

First, it’s important to note that electrolysis is a gradual process. You will likely need several sessions to get the desired outcomes. Each session will last between 15 and 60 minutes, and

you will need to schedule several sessions over several weeks or months.

Second, it’s also important to understand that electrolysis is a bit like getting a tattoo: it can be painful. However, most people claim that the discomfort is bearable and manageable.

Third, you may experience side effects after your electrolysis session, such as redness, swelling, and itchiness. These side effects may be due to the electric current passing through the needle and are usually temporary.

Overall, electrolysis is a safe and effective way to remove grey hair. However, it’s essential to consult a dermabrasion specialist to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

What are the benefits of electrolysis for grey hair?

In addition to being an effective method for getting rid of grey hair, electrolysis has several other benefits.

  • First, it is a permanent method of hair removal. It means that once the hair follicle is destroyed, the hair will not grow back.
  • Second, electrolysis is safe and gentle. Despite other hair removal techniques, such as laser hair removal, electrolysis does not damage the surrounding skin.
  • Third, electrolysis is suitable for all skin types. Whether fair or dark skin, you can safely undergo electrolysis.

How to make electrolysis more effective on grey hair?

You can do a few things to make electrolysis more effective on your grey hair.

  • First, make sure to shave the area before your electrolysis session. It will help the electric current to penetrate the hair follicle better.
  • Avoid using lotions or oils on the skin before your session, as this can make it more difficult for the electric current to penetrate the hair follicle.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water in between your electrolysis session. It is helpful to flush out the toxins released during the procedure.

Conclusion: Does electrolysis work on grey hairs?

Yes, electrolysis is an effective method for removing grey hair. However, it’s important to note that the results may vary depending on your grey hair type. Terminal grey hairs respond better to electrolysis than value grey hairs.

Electrolysis is gradual, so you will likely need multiple sessions to achieve the desired results.

Suppose you’re considering electrolysis for your grey hair. In that case, you need to find a reputable dermabrasion specialist who can help determine if the procedure is correct.


How to find a reputable dermabrasion specialist?

When searching for a reputable dermabrasion specialist, it’s essential to look for someone certified by the American Board of Dermatology. You may also seek recommendations from friends or relatives who have had electrolysis.

Can I do electrolysis at home?

Yes, there are at-home electrolysis kits available for purchase. However, it’s important to note that these kits are not as powerful as those used in professional settings.

Additionally, it’s essential to be very careful when using electric currents on your skin. It can quickly burn or damage your skin if you’re not careful.

What are other hair removal options?

Suppose you’re looking for hair removal options that don’t involve electric currents. In that case, there are plenty of other methods that you can select. Some popular options include waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams.

These methods are generally less expensive than electrolysis. Still, this is not for you if you want a more permanent solution.

Do electrolysis treatments hurt?

Some people report feeling a slight stinging sensation during electrolysis treatments. However, this varies from person to person, and some don’t feel any pain. If you’re concerned about pain, you can always ask your electrologist to use a numbing cream before your treatment.

Is laser hair removal an excellent alternative to electrolysis?

Laser hair removal can be an excellent alternative to electrolysis for some people. However, it’s important to note that laser hair removal only works on dark hair. You’ll need to use a different hair removal method if you have grey hairs. Read here about laser hair removal and grey hairs.

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