Stop! Can You Put Mascara On Eyelash Extensions? Read This First 2022

Mascara is a beauty essential for most women. It helps to define and enhance eyes, making them look brighter and more awake. But what do you do if you have eyelash extensions? Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions, or will it damage them? We know it is a very confusing topic, so we asked an expert to find our answer.

And be one of the first to know the answer! We will start with a brief overview of what mascara is, and then we will get into the main topic.

What is mascara, and what does it do for your eyelashes?

Mascara is made up of a few different ingredients. The main ones are pigments, which add colour to your lashes and make them appear darker, and waxes, which help hold the pigment in place and make it look fuller. Mascara also usually contains some form of alcohol, which helps to keep the mascara from clumping on your lashes.
No doubt, mascara is one of the most popular cosmetics in the world. A study done in 2012 found that out of all the different types of makeup, mascara was the third most popular, after foundation and lipsticks.

  • Mascara has a few different purposes. The main one is to darken and define your lashes, making your eyes look brighter and more awake.
  • Mascara can also help to make your lashes look thicker and fuller.
  • Mascara can help to curl your lashes, making them appear longer.

Now that we know what mascara is and what it does, let’s get into the main topic.

Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

The short answer is: no, you should not put mascara on eyelash extensions.

The main reason why you should not put mascara on eyelash extensions is that it can damage them. Mascara can cause the lash extensions to become weak and brittle, eventually falling out.

Another reason you should not put mascara on lash extensions is because it can be difficult to remove. Suppose you put mascara on your lash extensions. In that case, you will need to use an oil-based makeup remover to remove it, which can be harsh on your lashes and cause them to become dry and damaged.

So, what should you do if you want to darken and define your lash extensions?

The best way to darken and define your lash extensions is to use a lash tint. Lash tints are made specifically for lash extensions and will not damage them.

Lash tints come in various colours, so you can choose one closest to your natural lash colour or go for a fun and bold colour.

If you want to make your lash extensions look thicker and fuller, you can use a volumizing mascara. They are made up of different ingredients than regular mascara, so they will not damage your lash extensions.

You can try using a Lash Lift if you want to curl your lash extensions. Lash Lifts are a type of perm for your lashes that will curl them and make them appear longer. They are safe because they only use chemicals on your lashes, not heat. Lash Lifts last 6-8 weeks, so they are a great option if you want long-lasting curled lashes.

Conclusion: Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions

The short answer is no, In the very first try, you must avoid putting mascara on your eyelash extensions due to its bond-breaking properties, which might lead to the falling of eyelash extensions. Try other methods like lash tint, volumizing mascara, Lash Lift etc.


Is it necessary to remove mascara before going to bed?

Yes, it is necessary to remove mascara before going to bed. Mascara can make eyelashes tangled and matted, and it can also cause eye irritation.

How often should you change your mascara? 

Mascara should be changed every three months. Mascara can dry out and become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause eye infections.

Is eyelash serum good to use? 

Yes, eyelash serum can be good to use. If you have short or sparse lashes, an eyelash serum can help to lengthen and thicken them. Just be careful when you apply eyelash serum because if you get it in your eyes, it can irritate.

Do lash curlers damage your eyelashes?

No, as we know, they are made up of heated metal, so it is impossible to damage your eyelashes with them. But if you use them too often, they can make your lashes look dry. So, it is better to use them occasionally.


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