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August 2019

City In Small Cyprus

Inside the maze of the history, the capital of Cyprus had moved from Salamis to Lapta and after that to Larnaca; yet the longest length of being the organization focus is controlled by Nicosia. From antiquated occasions to our present day, the name of this superb loom of different human advancements had increased numerous modifications; Lidra, Levkonteon, Kermia, I Hora, Seher, Levkosia, Nicosia and finally, Lefkosai or Lefkosa.

Kyrenia Gate

Porte del Provveditore with its unique name remains on the northern piece of the roundabout city divider with its stone tablets going back to Venetian Era, Ottoman Reign and British Colonial Period disclosing to us the rich past of the city. The divider on different sides of the door were cut in 1931 and the neighboring streets were built. It houses the travel industry data office in the present day.

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